EV Charging For New England

Pace Home One

Pace Charging is an electric vehicle infrastructure development company whose purpose is to own, install and manage electric vehicle charging stations in suburban and rural communities throughout New England, adding to and expanding upon the burgeoning networks from Boston to Washington DC.

Over the past five years the electric vehicle charging infrastructure has been growing by relative leaps and bounds, going from more or less zero public charging stations to literally thousands scattered across the United States and the rest of globe. The deployment of these stations has been concentrated primarily in urban centers. The current state of EV infrastructure development has given the auto industry the confidence to move forward with all electric and hybrid electric vehicles, but to the consumer and general public, charging stations are still too scattered to be useful on a day to day basis. The next evolutionary leap forward in the EV infrastructure needs to be the building on communities and networks, based upon how individuals live and the natural commuter paths that they use.